December 23, 2002
Making A List And Checking It Twice

Amish Tech Support is running a Dead Pool, with a prize for the person who picks the most (and youngest) celebrities to die in 2003. The limit is nine, and younger celebrities count for more.

I've already submitted my list, but television has given me an idea for another. I just watched a rerun of The Simpsons tenth 'Treehouse of Horror' Halloween special, in which Homer's Y2K incompetence causes the destruction of the world (summary here). In the end, Lisa and Marge leave for Mars on a spaceship full of the world's best and brightest, destined to start a new society, while Homer and Bart end up on a different spaceship, also full of celebrities, but headed for the Sun.

Anyway, it occurred to me that the people on the second ship would make an excellent alternative list for the Amish Tech Support Dead Pool. Here they are, in order of appearance:

  1. Ross Perot
  2. Dr. Laura
  3. Spike Lee
  4. Dan Quayle
  5. Courtney Love
  6. Tonya Harding
  7. Al Sharpton
  8. Tom Arnold
  9. Pauly Shore
  10. Rosie O'Donnell

There are ten people on the Simpsons list, while the Amish limit is nine, but it seems fair to allow one more in this case, since most are relatively young and healthy, though several are fat, Perot is old, and Love has (to put it politely) lifestyle issues. Even if it cannot count as an official entry, I'll be keeping track.

Posted by Dr. Weevil at December 23, 2002 06:51 PM

Very interesting theme... I'll let folks know.

Posted by: file13 on December 24, 2002 08:57 AM

I'll take the list, Doc. Save me the trouble of thinking up one on my own.

Posted by: Meryl Yourish on December 30, 2002 01:23 AM