November 18, 2002
Gentlemen, Start Your Photoshops

A. C. Douglas and others have linked to an offensive painting by Cong Lu entitled "Self Portrait of a Martyr". Only No Watermons Allowed has given a hint as to what can be done about it other than ranting (with Lileks) or ignoring it. (I don't mean blowing it up.) Surely some Photoshop wizardry is in order? Though I have nothing specific in mind, I imagine some interesting modifications could be made to the web copies of the painting.

Then again, perhaps what we need is a whole 'nother work of art. As Douglas argues, this is a portrait of how the suicide bomber sees himself: noble and muscular, "serene and contemplative in the face of the hideous death he's about to experience" -- not to mention what looks like a nice pair of boobs. It seems to me that what we really need is the other half of the matched pair (of paintings, I mean, not boobs): a depiction of what the suicide bomber is without his fantasy -- a combination of Woody Allen and Pee Wee Herman wallowing in dreams of manly revenge. Ideas, anyone? Pictures, even? They need not match the color scheme or even the medium: two-dimensional black-and-white cartooning is arguably appropriate for depicting the soul of a suicide bomber.

Posted by Dr. Weevil at November 18, 2002 10:24 PM

I'm with you. You are, after all, offering art criticism.

Posted by: Anna on November 19, 2002 08:18 PM



Posted by: Bugg on November 23, 2002 12:15 AM

Poor 'Bugg' seems to think that Cong's freedom of expression has somehow been threatened. No one has suggested that he should be prevented from painting or that his horrible painting should be burned or even forcibly hidden from view. The question is whether he should be reviled (Lileks), ignored (various people), or mocked (me). Apparently it hasn't occured to 'Bugg' that freedom of expression is a right even I possess.

Of course, while indulging in my own freedom of expression, I will point out that Bugg's USE OF ALL CAPS makes her idiotic thoughts look even more idiot.

Posted by: Dr. Weevil on November 24, 2002 10:39 PM

heo yeah nikka, i'm with yall all the way. AsianPride!

Posted by: Tomle on April 2, 2003 08:13 PM