October 08, 2002
Site Slogan

Since everyone else is trying the program that randomly generates an advertising slogan, I may as well give my results:

"Dr. Weevil is like a normal answering machine, but it makes hilariously rude noises."

Not bad. I got this from the ever-more-elegant Spleenville (love the new color scheme). I tried the name of an old friend (female) whose moral standards are (how to put it?) rather old-fashioned, and this was the result:

"[Name emphatically deleted] is like a normal blow-up doll, but it can be used by several people at once."

Not true at all. Neither is this (of a Catholic priest):

"Fr. [name deleted] is like a normal riot shield, but it doesn't take no for an answer."

One more mildly amusing result:

"Dr. Menlo is a stapler that emits a constant high-frequency whine!"

Posted by Dr. Weevil at October 08, 2002 08:53 PM