September 29, 2002
If Only I Had Thought To Ask . . . .

Note To Self:

When trying to decide whether to rent a 10' or a 15' foot truck to move 140 boxes of books, an air conditioner, a couple of half-dressers, and a few other odds and ends, be sure to ask the right questions. Yes, the 10' truck is faster empty and a little bit cheaper, while the 15' truck is faster full, since it's not as underpowered and you don't have to slow down as much on curves with the cargo not being stacked as high. But the biggest question for one planning to move all these things with no help except a a two-wheel dolly is: which one has a ramp?

Oh well. I survived, and everything's in the apartment, and I suppose the extra work was good for me. Now I just have to unpack it all.

Posted by Dr. Weevil at September 29, 2002 06:55 PM