September 22, 2002
Polemic I: The Shropshire Challenge Continued

Still no reply from Philip Shropshire after sixteen days and repeated promises to answer my challenge, most recently (as far as I can tell) when he wrote this in the comments on WarbloggerWatch (main post dated 9/11, 8:41 AM, comment dated 9/15, 1:14 PM):

And there will be a response to that challenge. I'm leaning strongly towards "Yes" with some more lucrative financial considerations and conditions thrown in...I would be risking my life of course and my life is valuable at least to me, so hey....

He wants more money! How very . . . Republican and (dare I say?) mercenary of him. And it's now been another whole week with no yes or no, no definition of how much money would be enough, and no explanation of his decision or lack thereof. Cynical minds might think that he's hoping the war will begin and end before he's done dithering -- or pretending to dither.

In the mean time, 'Hesiod' and a few others have attempted to argue Shropshire's case for him. I will take up their arguments in turn. The argument may seem a bit stale, but Iraq is still looking for human shields.

Posted by Dr. Weevil at September 22, 2002 09:55 PM