August 17, 2002
Pseudonymic Fallout

Some interesting developments since the flurry of arguments on pseudonymous and anonymous bloggers began earlier this week (my contribution here):

  1. Porphyrogenitus has revealed his name and life story. Does anyone find his arguments more (or less) convincing now than before? If so, why and how?
  2. Media Minded has told us a great deal about his life, in fact just about everything except his name, address, telephone number, and employer. Again, are his arguments more convincing? Would knowing his name tell us more? And did we really need to know about his three arrests and his wide and varied use of controlled substances?
  3. 'Edward Boyd' of Zonitics has apparently given up blogging, unwilling either to reveal his real name or to continue using a pseudonym. Is this a good thing? I don't see how it can be.
Posted by Dr. Weevil at August 17, 2002 12:27 AM