July 16, 2002
I'm Back

As I warned, I haven't had much time for blogging in the last six days. If anyone was wondering, I was driving from Maine to Toronto to Baltimore and back the same way, also packing 147 boxes of books and hauling them and 9 large bookshelves from a basement in Maryland into a Ryder truck and unloading them into another basement in Toronto. There was help at both ends, but not nearly enough. And they weren't even my books. Total driven: 2408 miles in just over 49 hours. Uggh.

Anyway, I'm back, alive and (fairly) well, and will soon return to regular blogging, though probably not until tomorrow. My highest priority will be unfinished business:

  1. What's wrong with Brian O'Neill?
  2. What's wrong with WarbloggerWatch?

Stay tuned. I'm in a bad mood.

Posted by Dr. Weevil at July 16, 2002 11:54 PM

Do you mean Brendan O'Neill, or are you asking about "Brian" in a "Long live your memory, Jimmy Sands" sense?

Posted by: Emily on July 17, 2002 11:52 AM

Go for Warbloggerwatch first, they are despicable.

Posted by: Robin Roberts on July 17, 2002 12:45 PM

No, puerile. They've linked Dr. Weevil, Pejman, and Scott Ganz, on their website, to "uglyfaces.com" or somesuch.

Ooooohhh, ooooh, wow, that's gotta hurt.

Posted by: Dean on July 17, 2002 03:25 PM

As for O'Neill, I think John and Antonio over at Iberian Notes have nailed his scabrous hide to the barn door:

We figure that Brendan thinks his ideas aren't the vulgar, ten-a-penny type. In fact, we can fit Brendan into a group of people we know well: snobbish working-class / lower-middle-class Brits (and we don't care if Brendan says he's Irish; we'll bet dollars to doughnuts that his birth certificate says "Place of birth: Luton") who have been to the university and think they're really clever. Rather than accepting their above-average intelligence calmly, as Britons of higher social classes do, these people are very aggressive about their intellectual achievements. They justifiably figure that their university degrees and their jobs at minor online magazines have boosted their social class a step or two, but they're still insecure, and this insecurity translates into a very competitive attitude. They're constantly showing how superior they are to everyone else; if necessary, they'll start an argument over something minor because they thrive on the opportunity to put someone else in his place, which is one step below them. These people usually figure that because they're university-educated Brits, they're socially superior to Americans. It really rankles them when they discover that Americans certainly don't think they are. That's when they come out with a lot of pompous crap about "proper English" and how it's superior to vulgar American usage.

My first impression when I came across him was excatly that, that he was a lower-middle class British prat putting on airs. His type is common enough, and has so little of value to contribute, that he can safely be ignored as irrelevant.

Posted by: H.D. Miller on July 17, 2002 08:25 PM

Ooh -- that's good, and it jibes with what I thought. Though I did not focus on the class thing because quite frankly, even though I know about the class differences there I don't really have a "feel" for them.

Posted by: Andrea Harris on July 17, 2002 11:31 PM

Childish googlebombing, thats the blogger equevelent of passing a mean picture of someone in class.

Of course, anything to further grind the fine dust of warbloggerwatche's "credability" is good for all of us.

Posted by: Sean Kirby on July 18, 2002 12:24 AM

That really smarts, because I used to use Warbloggerwatch as a short list of links to people I like to read. The watched list, I mean, and not their links list. They can't even decide whether it's "Grady Oliver" or "Grady Olivier", or whether Philip Shropshire has one "l" or two.

Keep pegging them, Doc.

Posted by: Fleming Ayniss on July 18, 2002 08:16 AM

Doc, welcome to Toronto! Good to have you in the neighbourhood, and you've picked a fine season to arrive.

We may not be a blogging Mecca like NY or LA, but Toronto bloggers (like Iranian Farsi Ur-Blogger Hossein Derakshan) do have a history of punching above their weight.

Posted by: Joe Katzman on July 20, 2002 04:51 PM

Uh, Joe, I'm not in Toronto. Just stayed long enough to rent the truck and then a few days later unload it. Now I'm back in Maine.

Posted by: Dr. Weevil on July 23, 2002 12:06 AM

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Posted by: Jessica West on October 20, 2003 08:00 PM