June 21, 2002
Blasts From The Past

Some old posts of mine have gained new relevance in the last few days. All are quite short:

1. This Roman anecdote (from March 5th) illustrates what the Israelis are trying to do -- or should be trying to do -- with their new tactic of retaking pieces of land until the Palestinians stop killing babies.

2. In today's National Review Online, Jonah Goldberg does an extended comparison between contemporary Islamicism and traditional Nazism/Fascism. This fits nicely with my argument (May 5th) that calling our enemies Islamofascists is an insult to Mussolini, who was thoroughly evil, but not quite that evil.

3. In the same piece, Goldberg writes:

. . . as others have commented, there's something more than vaguely sexual to much of the rhetoric and actions of these Muslim fanatics. The way they talk about Western women, the way they talk about their own manliness, the way Mohamed Atta shuddered at the merest suggestion that a woman might touch his genitals after he died: these things seem to point to some very real insecurities about their own potency.

I had already gone one step further, arguing (April 28th) that the problem is a combination of a severe 'Madonna-Whore Complex' with gross ethno-religious bigotry, so that all the madonnas are Muslims and all the infidels are whores.

Posted by Dr. Weevil at June 21, 2002 11:51 PM