June 05, 2002
An Old Journalist Who Gets It

Note: Perhaps I should say that by 'old journalist' I mean 'practitioner of old or traditional journalism', not 'elderly practitioner of journalism'.

Already well-known as a movie reviewer and media critic, James Bowman has started to turn into a blogger in the Diary section of his site (7 entries so far). (Maybe I should move his link out of 'Miscellaneous Sites'.)

Here are some recent remarks on "the new national pastime, media criticism":

Certainly, unlike baseball, media criticism does not always reward its best players with the most money. In fact, you could almost say that at this stage of the league’s development, the best are also the most likely to be paid little or nothing for their thundering round-trippers while those who make the big bucks are usually over-the-hill and hitless in many, many at-bats.

Now go sample the rest of the site if you don't already know it. It would take a week to read it all.

Meanwhile, I have to go back to grading final exams, with "hours to go before I sleep". Further thoughts on Eric Alterman, with replies to various critics, have been pushed back at least to tomorrow, perhaps even Friday.

Posted by Dr. Weevil at June 05, 2002 11:56 PM