June 01, 2002
Arafat Chips: They're The Cheesiest!

The Blogosphere has been buzzing this week about the new Arafat brand cheese-flavored potato chips. Little Green Footballs provides a picture and many amusing reader comments. My favorite slogans so far:

  1. Mister Potato Head has martyred himself for your snacking pleasure. (Laurence Simon)
  2. Try them today with new UN Observer Dip. (ditto)
  3. If you don't like 'em, you've got full right of return. ('Undertoad')
  4. Goes great with Hamas Hummus! ('Bossman')
  5. Only a collaborator would eat another brand. (J. Lichty)

Laughter is good, but low sales and zero profits for the manufacter would be even better. After all, some of the profits are supposed to go to killing Jews. Unless the manufacturer is just saying that -- a rumor that might be well worth starting.

I think we should try to spread a rumor that Arafat chips are actually pork rinds. Of course, cheesy potato chips don't taste much like pork rinds, but what Muslim would know that? Quite a few, actually, but what Muslim is going to admit knowing that?

Tangential Pedantry:

I don't have the reference, but some ancient author tells a pertinent story about an ancient tyrant, most likely Dionysius of Syracuse, last heard of on this blog on April 7th ('Take me back to the quarries!'). It seems that the tyrant had very bad breath, so bad that one of his toadies finally couldn't stand it any longer and told him, though he thought he would be executed for it. The tyrant stormed off to ask his wife of many years why she had never told him. Her reply: "I thought all men smelled like that."

Posted by Dr. Weevil at June 01, 2002 12:56 AM