May 25, 2002
Instapundit's New Logo

The little jogger or capeless superhero on Instapundit's new template looks nice, in a weird sort of way, but the initials on his chest are unfortunate. Since Instantman publishes daily (and then some), "IP" makes me think of I. P. Daily and his friends Ben Dover and Seymour Butz and the rest of the gang. Then again, maybe I just have a dirty mind, or an excessive weakness for puns, or a deadly combination of the two.

A simple "I" would avoid that problem, and would also be more appropriate for such a narcissistic endeavor as a personal web-site. (My non-political non-pseudonymous site features a picture of Narcissus himself, with Echo, an equally important patron deity of the web.)

Moral: When naming blogs or babies, be sure to see what the initials will spell before it's too late. I once knew a woman who told me that her parents' choice of a first name had made her junior high years a living Hell.

Click on this paragraph and select it to see her initials: ( "E.Z." -- what did you think they were?)

I wonder if I'll ever get another Instapundit link . . . .

Update: (5/28, 11:20 PM)

Well, I got one more link, announcing that Instapundit has changed logos. I've copied the old one here: that way those who missed it will be able to judge what the fuss was about.

Posted by Dr. Weevil at May 25, 2002 11:10 PM