May 15, 2002
What About The Greens?

I'm back from my job-hunting trip -- 967 miles in 1 1/2 days -- and will soon have something to say about the comments of four Gnoams on my previous entry. (Especially 'Zack', who thinks it reasonable to paste 7512 words of Chomsky into a single entry in my comments section, taking up more space than the previous 32 comments put together. Does he think that kind of thing convinces anyone? Or did he think he could choke Movable Type, and kill off my blog, if he fed it a sufficiently large wad of words?)

Before turning back to Chomsky-bashing, I have a question on a more timely topic:

Instapundit links to a story in the Las Vegas Sun about today's Dutch elections, and Drudge has since added a link to a more up-to-date Reuters story. Not surprisingly, Pim Fortuyn's List is doing very well, with 26 seats, as against 24 each for the outgoing Socialists (way down) and the Liberals and 41 for the Christian Democrats (of 150 total). That still leaves 35 for smaller parties.

What I want to know is how the Greens are doing. I'm guessing that vote totals for environmentalist parties will be down -- perhaps way down -- since a vegan animal-rights fanatic assassinated Fortuyn. But this is just a hunch, and I would really like to know.

So how come our professional journalists haven't asked this (rather obvious) question? Malevolent manipulation or just utter cluelessness: you be the judge. (In their defense, I suppose it may be easier to calculate the totals for the big four than for the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth parties.)

Posted by Dr. Weevil at May 15, 2002 11:55 PM