May 11, 2002
Another Kind Of Hit Count Madness

I don't know about other systems, but Earthlink's Urchin provides daily, weekly, and monthly statistics on the length of each reader's visit. These make for humbling reading. A distressingly high percentage of my visitors stay for less than 10 seconds. (There are always at least a few who stay for half an hour or more: if it's the same ones every day, I'm flattered, but also a bit disconcerted.) I don't even want to say what that percentage is, but it's more than half. So it looks as if my 300 visitors per day are mostly either the same few people coming back repeatedly to see if I've posted anything new, or people who arrive here inadvertently while looking for something else -- perhaps using Google to search for information on weevils and thinking that someone who calls himself 'Dr. Weevil' would have something to say about insects. I gather that The Illuminated Donkey gets a lot of visitors looking for information on more strictly asinine topics than what he provides.

Posted by Dr. Weevil at May 11, 2002 08:11 PM