May 06, 2002

Dear Readers:

I don't know what's wrong with my comment function, but the last three do not appear, at least on my screen at home. I can see them in editing mode, edit them, if I want, but they do not appear. They are even counted: that is, the signature line says '3 comments', but only 1 or 2 appear when you click on it. Next step: see whether I can see them from my work machine.

I added a lot of stuff to the right-hand column yesterday. I hope that's not the problem, somehow interfering with the comments. Second step: delete some of the new stuff and see if the comments reappear.

Sorry about the textual dysfunction.

Update from work, less than an hour later:

Hmmmm . . . . It works fine on this machine, all comments visible. Looks like I may need to upgrade my hardware at home. Is it just a RAM problem? If so, perhaps I should slim down the page anyway, for others with clunky old Pentium-I systems.

Posted by Dr. Weevil at May 06, 2002 07:32 AM