April 28, 2002
Muslim Men and Infidel Women I

Muslim attitudes towards sex and women continue to raise bile, or at least eyebrows. The latest statements to cause offense (also astonishment and bitter laughter) are the suggestion that Jewish women are fair game for rape and enslavement by Muslim men, and the request that the Saudi crown prince's plane not be guided by female air traffic controllers. (Both links from Little Green Footballs.)

As I wrote a month ago:

Catholics have been putting up with jokes about patent leather shoes and vicious ruler-wielding nuns for many years. Such jokes may even have done some good, helping to loosen the Church up a bit. Perhaps one of the things that the Muslim world needs now is some cruel satire -- preferably by knowledgeable insiders -- of the creepier aspects of Islamofascist sexuality.

Norah Vincent (link via Instapundit) has already suggested that sexual inadequacy is rampant (perhaps not the mot juste) in the Muslim world. It seems to me that many men in today's Islamic world suffer from an unusually virulent strain of the so-called 'Madonna-whore complex', dividing all women into the virtuous asexual Madonnas and the hopelessly depraved majority. That would be bad enough, but they combine this with an equally virulent ethnic and religious bigotry. It appears that all Madonnas are Muslims and all Muslims are Madonnas: any exceptions to the latter rule are promptly stoned. At the same time, all the (unstoned) whores are infidels, and just about all the infidels are whores, the whoriest of all being Jews and Americans. Whether this is wishful thinking or actual opinion, who can tell? In their hearts they must suspect it is, shall we say, oversimplified.

Posted by Dr. Weevil at April 28, 2002 10:43 PM