April 16, 2002
More Than One Way To Fix A Vote

Little Green Footballs, among others, has been doing good work exposing the hypocrisy of CAIR. As most of my readers already know, they asked for votes on whether Ariel Sharon should be tried as a war criminal, then falsified the results after too many 'no' votes came in, most of them sent their way by LGF and Instapundit. (It probably didn't help that LGF titled his first post 'Vote Early, Vote Often'. Way to make 'em more paranoid, guys!) If you haven't already read about it, start here, then scroll up, and don't forget to read the comments.

I have another problem with the CAIR poll. To be honest and even-handed, it really should have had at least four choices:

Who should be charged with war crimes?

a. Sharon
b. Arafat
c. both
d. neither

Of course, Arafat would come first in alphabetical order, but letís not be picky.

Posted by Dr. Weevil at April 16, 2002 05:19 PM