April 12, 2002
Does W Tithe?

Turkeyblog writes:

A compassionate conservative. The President's tax returns released today; he had income of $710K and gave $82,000 to charity, mostly churches and 9/11 funds.

No link is given, and I haven't seen the returns, but I am wondering. The charitable contributions add up to roughly 11.5% of gross income. Is it just a coincidence that that is a little more than 10%, or does W tithe? It would be characteristic of the man to do so without making any fuss, just as he built an environmentally friendly ranch without bragging about it.

Update: (4/13/02, 23:22)
If you're interested in this topic, please read the comments. (If not, why have you read this far?) In the second one, Turkeyblog corrects the numbers: apparently Fox is wrong, and the president actually gave 10.2% of his income to charity. Zonitics (link in the first comment) takes the argument one step further, pointing out that last year's figure was also 10.2%. This establishes a pattern that strongly suggests tithing. Is this a quiet signal to the Religious Right that W is one of them? Or is his silence about the particular amounts just a proper Christian humility? (The two are not mutually exclusive.) Either way, or both, should I have kept my mouth shut -- or rather my hands in my pockets -- about it, and not let the cat out of the bag?

Posted by Dr. Weevil at April 12, 2002 11:54 PM