April 09, 2002
More Ancient Jokes

Last month I posted a joke from the ancient Greek collection called the Philogelos or Laughter Lover. Here's another one, paraphrased for readability: a pointy-headed intellectual is caught having sex with his grandmother, and beaten for his crime by his father. His reaction: "you screw my mom, why shouldn't I screw yours?"

I've just discovered that Prof. John H. Quinn of Hope College has posted translations of 45 jokes from the collection (including this one) here. Quinn translates all the jokes that have to do with women or gender roles. Since they are not chosen for quality, the average is rather low, and the minimum is abysmal. I'm particularly fond of 69, 70, 187B, 197-204, 244A, and 246.

Posted by Dr. Weevil at April 09, 2002 11:56 PM