February 25, 2002
I'm Back!

No sooner had I gotten my first link from a major blogger -- or from anyone else, for that matter -- than my web-site went down. At first I thought I had been overwhelmed with hits, but it turned out that my domain registration had expired at just the wrong time -- midnight Friday, as far as I can tell. For a combination of reasons, mostly having to do with an evil former ISP that demanded the same amount for forwarding e-mail as they had charged for web-hosting (around $40 / month), and never forwarded any e-mail even for the weeks in which I submitted to their extortion, I hadn't heard -- I suppose I should have been keeping track. Anyway, if you can read this, I'm back on-line, with apologies to all those who have unsuccessfully tried to link here. No doubt most of you have long since given up trying to get through and I'm just talking to myself. Of course, that is what vanity web-sites and blogs are really for, isn't it?

Posted by Dr. Weevil at February 25, 2002 10:00 PM