March 12, 2002
Pedantry Alert V: Trodding Along

Someone was asleep at the editorial switch over at one of the major web-journals today (you know who you are), allowing one of their columnists to write (of an actor) "when he trods upon the board". I'll be kind and omit the link, since it was corrected within a few hours to "treads". I tread today, I trod yesterday, I have trodden on many occasions.

The error was not even original: Del McCoury sings "as on the path I trod" in the present tense. But punditry is not bluegrass, and McCoury needed a rhyme for "God". Of course, he could have said "as on the path I plod", but that would have sounded less Biblical and all around stupider.

And speaking of Del McCoury:
His latest CD, at least the last one I bought, is My Dixie Home (Rebel Records, 2001), repackaging a dozen cuts from various albums dated 1975-1985. What's odd is that the one 'previously unreleased' track, 'Call Collect on Christmas', is, in my opinion, the best thing on the album. (I hadn't heard any of them, so the competition is fair.) How often does that happen? If the answer is 'all the time', what does that tell us about the collective intelligence of the decision makers in the music industry? Not much we didn't already know, I guess.

Posted by Dr. Weevil at March 12, 2002 10:10 PM