March 11, 2002
Primitive Bloggers

Nick Denton complains that "Blogger has made weblogging so easy that even conservatives can do it". The Sarge replies with "Stupid evil primates can type on the web!" and then goes off in a different direction. There is more to be said on the subject, though I probably should not be revealing the arcane wisdom of my species.

The secret advantage of right-wing bloggers is superior productivity, and the secret of that is anatomical. We don't puff ourselves up like toads, not often, anyway. Our evolutionary advantage is quite different. Right now I'm sitting back -- way back -- in a comfortable armchair with a snifter full of Grand Marnier in my left hand (how's that for right-wing?), moving the mouse with my right, quickly and accurately typing these words with my prehensile toes. Like other right-wingers, though most will deny it when asked, I also have a small and elegant tail: it's the one sure sign.

P.S. to the Sarge: I love Marty Crane as much as you do, but don't knock Niles and Frasier. I'm pretty sure they have tails and prehensile toes, too.

Posted by Dr. Weevil at March 11, 2002 10:10 PM