March 07, 2002
Down The Memory Hole

Tim Blair, quoting the Instapundit, notes that various idiotic pieces savaged by bloggers have disappeared from their sites: Ted Rall's latest cartoon from the New York Times, the now-famous Alabama Olive Garden piece from the Guardian, and something by Philip Weiss on Australia from the New York Observer. This is for the most part good news, though there's something to be said for keeping them in the public pillory indefinitely. As Instapundit says, it also shows the "power of the Blogosophere in action!".

What I want to know is whether these bozos will get paid for their ephemeral offenses. I would really like to see some public unpleasantness -- maybe even a lawsuit or two -- as the writers (and one cartoonist) argue that they did all the work asked of them, while the journals argue that work so shoddy that it must be withdrawn from circulation immediately is not worth paying for. Let the carnage begin!

Posted by Dr. Weevil at March 07, 2002 10:10 PM