March 27, 2002
Dominoes Of Evil, The Map

I don't have time to write anything today, but I thought some readers might like an illustration of Monday's 'Dominoes or Leapfrog' post:

If it wasn't already obvious from this site's lack of any illustrations other than line drawings of weevils, I have very little talent in the graphic arts. If I can get hold of a better outline map, I will add Egypt and Somalia and Georgia and a few other places, and not cut off most of India. Labels for the geographically challenged wouldn't hurt, either. But I think this should suffice to illustrate my idea that putting Iran before Iraq (if that can be arranged) would be psychologically effective.

I've colored countries red if they are immediate targets and present or former members of the Axis of Evil, green if they are hostile and dangerous (mostly too big to ignore or easily intimidate), but not yet named targets, blue if they are likely allies (members of the Axis of Non-Evil), and yellow if they seem likely to remain neutral or to cooperate in the war on terror without great unenthusiasm. Some colors are arguable, since it remains to be seen which way (e.g.) Jordan or the United Arab Emirates will go, but most of the smaller countries are naturally yellow. I suppose only Dick Cheney really knows. It's probably a good thing that most NATO countries are off the edge of the map, or I would have to make some difficult decisions on how to color some of them.

Posted by Dr. Weevil at March 27, 2002 10:00 PM