April 07, 2002

Dr. Weevil has moved to his own domain. I'm still working on the format, but this should do for now. For the moment, I've moved the weevils, which PejmanPundit found "creepy and worrisome" (3/6, though the archives seem to be missing), to the background.

I have also switched over from HoTMetaL to Movable Type 2.0. I hope this will allow more efficient posting. Not that I expect to increase the quantity of verbiage, rather I hope to decrease the time spent producing it. The new software will also allow comments. Judging by some (not all) of the e-mail I have received since I began blogging, that may be a mistake. We shall see.

I will transfer my archives to the new site over the next few days. Please note that the dates will all be correct, but the times on the pre-April 7th posts will be entirely arbitrary. I did not keep track of times while using HoTMetaL, so I would prefer to omit them as before. Unfortunately, MT will not allow me to keep that field blank, so I've put them all down as 10:00 PM or thereabouts. I do tend to post late at night.

The previous archives will be kept where they are indefinitely, so links to them will work. But any future links should be made to those here.

Posted by Dr. Weevil at April 07, 2002 12:52 PM