April 23, 2002
Surrendering Palestinians

The fact that the Palestinian 'armed forces' are so willing to surrender en masse when outnumbered and out of ammunition has caused some surprise. It certainly provides an embarrassing contrast with their willingness to send teenagers out to blow themselves up with bombs. The adults save their skins as their children die.

However, the difference makes perfect (though utterly contemptible) sense. Despite the lies of the Palestinians and their foreign apologists, Israel is unlikely to execute any of their thousands of prisoners, and that means that there is always the possibility of escape or release. In the past, the Israelis have more than once traded hundreds of Arab prisoners for a handful of captured Israeli soldiers.

It seems obvious to me that the next stage in Arafat's war on Israel will include attempts at hostage-taking. Soldiers would be best, if they can catch any, otherwise civilians will have to do. Hostages have to be kept in a secure location until a trade can be negotiated, and that probably means Lebanon. This is one more reason why Israel's northern border will continue to be the most likely flashpoint for a larger war.

I'm sure the Israeli government and armed forces are already well aware of this and keeping a careful eye on the Lebanese border in particular. But journalists might also want to keep it in mind.

Posted by Dr. Weevil at April 23, 2002 10:58 AM