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Sunday: April 2, 2006

More Curious Language

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While in Cary yesterday, I ran across a large Asian grocery store and stocked up on chicken hearts. The duck tongues were a bit pricy, and I don’t care for chicken gizzards, so duck gizzards were not particularly tempting, but what precisely is “intestinal bung”? The first word is clear enough, so I probably don’t really want to know.

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  1. Was the stuff dry, clear for the most part, sold in bulk, and consisted of lots of little twisty strips, kinda like pasta?

    I think the stuff is used as a thickening agent. I was in a chinese grocery in NYC with a Chinese friend once, where I saw a barrel of that stuff (labeled in chinese) & she told me it was bird intestine (goose I think) processed, dried & used for thickening.

    Comment by Twn — Friday: April 14, 2006 @ 3:29 PM GMT-0500

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