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Sunday: December 11, 2011


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Last Sunday, I inadvertently washed a SanDisc Cruzer USB drive with a load of laundry and plenty of soap. To my great surprise, it still worked after I found it rattling around in the bottom of the washing machine. I of course immediately copied everything on it to my PC, thinking that it would surely be susceptible to long-term damage, since the insides are not hermetically sealed and therefore (I thought) would be prone to rust or mildew when wet. However, it still works almost a week later. One more thing to like about modern technology: it’s a lot less fragile than a floppy disc.

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  1. I’m encouraged! Not that I want to try it for myself.

    Comment by Michael Tinkler — Sunday: December 11, 2011 @ 9:44 PM GMT-0500

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